A Note from Patrick Sanders, UCPID Executive Director

I cannot believe it is fall already! August and September have been very busy, and there are some updates I would like to share.

As the weather cools down, we hope everyone is still enjoying our amazing asset in the the pedestrian bridge over Mockingbird Lane. The University Crossing Public Improvement District maintains close contacts with the City of Dallas to ensure we are up to date on all construction activities. Please contact us if you have any suggestions on how to improve your experience at the Bridge, particularly as it relates to maintenance and security.

Last month, the UCPID Board of Directors approved the funding for a Pedestrian Lighting Design Plan along the trail that runs through our community. This Design Plan is an essential first step for installing lighting along the trail. Once it is completed, the Design Plan should indicate the precise location of the new light fixtures, as well as, the type of fixtures that will need to be used. As the UCPID moves forward with this project, we will keep the community informed of our progress.

Additionally, to reduce litter in our community, the UCPID has purchased three new custom trash receptacles. These receptacles will be installed at strategic locations along SMU Blvd., and we anticipate the installation will be complete by the first of October.

I encourage you to take part in the UCPID's ongoing programs. For example, the Music on Mockingbird program, created and sponsored by the UCPID, Mockingbird Station and the SMU Meadows School of the Arts. Come and listen to live music on Saturday evenings, at 6pm, at Mockingbird Station near the Angelika Theater

The UCPID also offers a Lunch & Learn program, where a Dallas Police officer can visit your place of business and offer "Best Practices" related to calling 911, motor vehicle safety, and more. If you are interested in scheduling a Lunch & Learn at your property, please contact us at the email below. 

Furthermore, to supplement our Lunch & Learn program, the UCPID has developed a Resource Guide, which is free to all citizens. This guide is designed to provide "Helpful Hints" related to such topics as: When to Call 911, Crime Watch Tips, Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety, and how to obtain a Criminal Trespass Affidavit. If you would like a copy of the Resource Guide, please let us know.

We've had great feedback from property owners who have hosted Lunch and Learn programs for their employees. Most recently, a Dallas Police Officer, who works part time for the UCPID, presented safety tips and offered "Best Practices", on a wide range of issues. The property owner was so impressed with the presentation, they requested the officer return and provide a thorough inspection of the property. As a follow up, the police officer conducted a Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) inspection. The CPTED inspection was provided free of charge, and it should help better secure this property and prevent future incidents.

We hope you are using the bike share program developed by Mockingbird Station and the UCPID. The bikes are free for the first three (3) hours of riding, and if you return the bike to any station in this network, before the three (3) hours is up, the clock will reset. Stations are located near: 

1) The Highland Hotel (along the trial); 

2) Mockingbird Station

3) 6060 Building

4) The Shelby (near Twisted Root); 

5) The Meadows Building

For more information about where the stations are located and how to use these bikes, you can visit our landing page at:

Thank you for your support, and if you have any suggestions on how to improve our community, I welcome your input.

Patrick Sanders
UCPID Executive Director