About University Crossing

University Crossing is a vibrant neighborhood consisting of more than 200 dynamic businesses and organizations — including shops, restaurants, arts attractions and more — all thriving within a 122-acre radius defined by certain borders of North Central Expressway (US 75), Mockingbird Lane, Greenville Avenue and Lovers Lane.


The UCPID began with a group of business and property owners who felt the area had the potential to claim its own region and personality within the Dallas city limits. The area is transforming into a lively mix of uses including education, retail, office and residential, and the goal of the PID is to elevate these businesses to create one dynamic district. These visionaries went to City Hall, met with the district property owners, and the plan was agreed to and passed by Dallas City Council. The UCPID has been approved to tax itself — with the tax dollars managed by the Board of Directors — and to receive enhanced services for the area. The services include: public safety and security, the design and construction of public infrastructure improvements, common area maintenance, pedestrian amenities and the marketing of local businesses. Executive Director Patrick Sanders oversees the security, beautification, capital improvements, promotions, and spending, as well as serve as the voice, along with the committee chairs, before the Dallas City Council. 


  • Brad Cheves, SMU

  • Margaret DiFrancesco, Public Service Plumbers

  • Andrea Sanders, Oncor

  • Paul Ward, SMU

  • Larry Walton, The Highland Residences

  • Matt Omundson, GlenStar Properties

  • Matt McGeath, GlenStar Properties

  • Brent Halvorson, Shelby Residences

  • Julia Hart, GlenStar Properties

  • James Montgomery, The Magnolia

  • Lawrence Ward, Oncor

  • Erin McKool, Start Restaurant


  • Patrick Sanders