September Update from Patrick Sanders: UCPID Executive Director

Greetings to the University Crossing community! August was a busy month in our area, and as such, there are some updates I would like to share:

To begin, as many of you may have seen, construction of the University Crossing Bridge is in an exciting phase.  In August, the City of Dallas continued construction of the Bridge, which now spans across Mockingbird Lane.  Additionally, the City is completing construction of a smaller bridge, across the DART rail line, just north of Twin Sixties Street.  As the City progresses with construction of the Bridge, across Mockingbird Lane, we anticipate additional lane closures.  To that end, the City and the University Crossing Public Improvement District will continue to stay in close contact, regarding the status of construction. For up-to-date information, related to Bridge construction, lane closures, or to view the time lapse photos of the construction, you can visit our website at:

Additionally, the UCPID Board of Directors recently approved improvements, to the planters along Mockingbird Lane.  Specifically, the area of focus will be the planters between Mockingbird Station and Matilda.  Within the next month, we hope to have the planters repainted and replanted, in an effort to beautify our community.

Also, as previously noted, the UCPID is partnering with the City of Dallas, Park & Recreation Department on installation of pedestrian lighting along the portion of the Katy Trail extension that runs through our community. Over the next few months, the UCPID and Park & Rec. will develop a funding program, which will be used to install the light fixtures along this portion of the Katy Trail.  The UCPID will provide updates as this program progresses.

Speaking of programming, I want to encourage you to take part in some of the UCPID's ongoing programs.  For example, with our Music on Mockingbird program, the UCPID sponsors live music every Friday at Mockingbird Station.  We also encourage you to take advantage of our Lunch & Learn program, where a Dallas Police officer can visit your place of business and offer "Best Practices" related to calling 911, motor vehicle safety, and more.  If you are interested in scheduling a Lunch & Learn at your property, please contact us at the email below.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the effort our community members have made to assist victims of Hurricane Harvey. Community Stakeholders, throughout the UCPID, have assisted in the relief effort. SMU University moved quickly to assist in relief efforts by partnering with other organizations like the Carter Blood Bank.  If you would like to assist with SMU's efforts, you can visit the following website: Additionally, the City of Dallas has also provided information on how to contribute to the relief effort.  That information can be found at the following website:  The manner in which community stakeholders arose to serve was very inspirational, and if the UCPID can assist with your efforts going forward, please let us know.

Thank you for your contributions of the UCPID community, and I look forward to our continued partnership.

Patrick Sanders

UCPID Executive Director