UCPID Spotlight on The Happy Steps

We caught up with local artist Kristi Kennimer to discuss the inspiration behind her latest work that adorns the risers of the steps that lead up to the Angelika Film Center, "Happy Steps."

The piece is all about choosing to activate, wholeheartedly, the virtues inside us that result in fulfilled lives. The piece is designed to be appreciated very simply, in that it adds a little color to the community, or contemplated on a deeper level.

The "Happy Steps" are an example of anamorphic typography, in which the word "Happy" appears distorted from many vantage points, but comes into alignment from one specific position. That position is marked on the ground level at the base of the stairs with the Mockingbird Station logo and the word "perspective."

When viewing the steps, the word "happy" can be seen in eight ways, starting with each of the eight H's, but no version can be completed without crossing through the single center Y.