A Note from The Executive Director



Happy New Year to the University Crossing community! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season. December was a busy month in University Crossing, and as such, there are some updates I would like to share:
During the past month, the University Crossing Public Improvement District worked with the City of Dallas to provide safety improvements for our area. Specifically, the City of Dallas will upgrade many of the pedestrian signal heads to include "Count Down Timers," which will allow pedestrians to better gauge their time to cross intersections. Additionally, the City of Dallas will upgrade pedestrian push buttons to make crossing easier. Together these upgrades will provide safety features for pedestrians and cyclists throughout our area.


Regarding construction of the University Crossing Bridge, the City of Dallas has indicated there will likely be lane closures along Mockingbird Lane to accommodate continued construction within the next month. As soon as the UCPID receives information on the times and dates of lane closures, we will update our website at: www.universitycrossingbridge.com.


In addition to capital improvements, the UCPID enjoyed a live holiday music performance last month. The UCPID worked in collaboration with SMU, Bridge the Gap, and Mockingbird Station to bring you the Holiday Music program. On December 10th, musicians form SMU's Meadows School performed at Mockingbird Station and helped bring some holiday cheer to the area. To catch a glimpse of the performance, visit our website at: www.universitycrossing.com and click the UC Spotlight link. Returning on January 27th, we will continue the musical collaboration program, Music on Mockingbird, every Friday morning from 8-9am in front of the Angelika Theater near the Mockingbird DART Station. We hope you will come out and enjoy the music!


Finally, I would like to acknowledge the dedication of the Dallas Police Officers who work in the UCPID's Extended Neighborhood Patrol. These officers are working closely with community stakeholders to make our area safe. Last month demonstrated their valiant efforts with a couple of quality arrests. A "tip of the hat" to our ENP officers for a job well done!


In the New Year, the UCPID will continue to work on capital improvements for the area and new programming ideas. Some of our improvements will focus on maintenance issues, such as providing additional trash receptacles at strategic locations in our area. Other projects will focus on capital improvements, along both Mockingbird Lane and Greenville Avenue. As these projects develop, we will keep you informed. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please email us at:  info@universitycrossing.com.


Happy New Year! I look forward to working with you in 2017.



Patrick Sanders
UCPID Executive Director