May Update from UCPID Executive Director - Patrick Sanders

A Note from Patrick Sanders, UCPID Executive Director
May 2019

Hello Spring! New awakening for University Crossing means exciting activity and fun events! We are thrilled to see new businesses popping up and new development happening all over our community. I encourage you to get outside and experience the Mockingbird Pedestrian Bridge and the University Crossing Trail! Grab a Zagster bike while you're out and enjoy the spring weather.

Here are some highlights of what's happening in University Crossing:

  • Pedestrian Trail Lighting - We are continuing to work with our Board and the City to define a pedestrian lighting plan for the new University Crossing Trail. Our goal is to help keep our community safe and we are committed to providing lighting for our trail to reach that goal. While there are many hands in this process, we hope to have this project installed during fall 2019.

  • New Art in University Crossing - We are very excited about a new piece of art that was gifted to our community! We are working with the City and the Parks and Recreation Department to determine the best placement and plan for getting the art placed. Stay tuned for a peak at our new art addition!

  • Community Advocate - We are working every day to identify ways to be your community advocate. Last month, we were able to work with the Homeless Initiative (name) to remove several encampments under the Greenville Ave. bridge and find new homes for many of our vulnerable citizens.

  • Music on Mockingbird - We will continue to offer amazing live music at Mockingbird Station (near the Angelika Theater) on Saturdays from 5-6pm throughout the spring and summer. We hope you will make it a point to join us!

We are always excited to serve you and our neighborhood. As the weather heats up, more people will be out and about. We still encourage you to SAY SOMETHING IF YOU SEE SOMETHING. Our Expanded Neighborhood Patrol will have an eye out for you, but it does take cooperation to keep us all safe.

Please let us know if you have any questions about University Crossing or the initiatives we have planned for the community.

Thank you!

All the Best!

Patrick Sanders
UCPID Executive Director