A Note from the Executive Director

Greetings to the University Crossing community! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. 

August was a busy month in University Crossing, and as such, there are some exciting developments I wanted to make you aware of: 

I am happy to report that, as part of an agreement with the City of Dallas, a contractor hired by the University Crossing Public Improvement District (UCPID) removed the shrubs and bushes that had overgrown the medians along Mockingbird Lane, between NBFR 75 and Matilda. Removing this shrubbery will improve visibility, which, in turn, will improve pedestrian and vehicle safety.

In addition to clearing these medians, the UCPID plans to execute a maintenance agreement along Mockingbird Lane so that the medians, as well as, some of the adjacent sidewalks will be cleaned of trash and debris.

Also, in August, the UCPID had Pet Waste Stations installed at Glencoe Park. In all, five Pet Waste Stations were installed strategically around the park. We also purchased a sixth station which we plan to install once the new University Crossing Bridge and Katy Trail extension are complete. We hope these stations will add to your enjoyment of the park!

In addition to capital improvements in our area, our community also got to experience a live musical performance from the musicians at the School of Rock Dallas. Working in collaboration with the School of Rock Dallas, the UCPID and Mockingbird Station were proud to bring you a live performance that really...rocked! Going forward, the UCPID hopes to collaborate with other community stakeholders to promote the arts in our area, so stay tuned for other exciting initiatives coming your way.

Don't forget, as work continues on the pedestrian bridge that will cross Mockingbird Lane and extend the Katy Trail, the UCPID is working closely with the City of Dallas to provide up-to-date information on Bridge construction as well as lane closures. To get the latest information, visit our website at: www.universitycrossingbridge.com.

Finally, as noted last month, the UCPID obtained a Master Plan for a streetscape and design study, which focuses on improvements for the Greenville Avenue corridor as well as the new Katy Trail extension. This Master Plan, combined with another study completed earlier in the year, will provide a framework for improving pedestrian and bicycle safety throughout our area. To that end, the UCPID is looking forward to working with the City of Dallas and other relevant agencies to implement these proposals.

In the meantime, if you have suggestions, please email info@universitycrossing.com.

Happy September! 

Patrick Sanders 

UCPID Executive Director