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SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza

  SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza recently joined the University Crossing neighborhood

SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza recently joined the University Crossing neighborhood

What separates your pizza restaurant from others around the area?

As one of the nation's first Neapolitan pizza restaurants, SPIN! serves a diverse selection of of traditional thin-and-bubbly crust, rustic whole wheat and gluten-free pizzas. SPIN! takes the unique step of roasting its pizza toppings in stone hearth ovens every day to bring out the most flavorful notes of each meat, vegetable and topping.

The pizza dough is made fresh every day using several types of flour. Its gluten-free crust is renowned for its flavor and texture. SPIN! offers both traditional Pizza Rossa (red pizzas with crushed tomato sauce) and Pizza Bianca (white pizzas with roasted garlic olive oil glaze), many hand-grated cheeses and even dairy-free cheese.

What is the most popular pizza on your menu?

While most pizzerias' top selling pizza is pepperoni, SPIN! guests' favorites also include Tre Carni (Three Meats) pizza topped with meatballs, pepperoni and Italian sausage, Spinaci & Aglio & Pine Nuts featuring spinach, roasted garlic and tasted pine nuts ad Margherita with its fresh mozzarella, roasted tomatoes and basil.

What is your all-time favorite SPIN! pizza?

SPIN!'s Margherita pizza, which was named one of the 50 best foods in all restaurants - not just pizzerias - in the entire U.S. by Restaurant Business Magazine! It's truly amazing.

What are some other items you offer other than pizza?

SPIN! also serves a tremendous selection of fresh salads topped with made-from-scratch dressings, homemade soups, signature Panini and Italian deli sandwiches, appetizers, small plates and all-natural gelato ice creams.

In addition to its food, SPIN! is renowned for its rotating roster of affordable premium wines priced well below traditional restaurant prices. SPIN! also makes homes white, red and blood orange sangrias and offers a selection of barrel wines and craft beers.

What is the SPIN! Club and what perks come with being a member?

The SPIN! Club is SPIN!'s way of saying thank you to our guests. With every $200 spent, you get $10 in "SPIN! Dough" to use on a future visit. On every eighth visit, you'll receive a voucher for a free gelato. Every Monday, you can buy two pizzas and get your choice of a third pizza or any full size salad for free! To celebrate your birthday, you'll receive a gift of a coupon for 20% off at SPIN!

What else would you like the University Crossing community to know about your restaurant?

In addition to our wines and affordable artisan menu, SPIN! is recognized for our convenient service model. Guests place their order at the counter and then relax at their table where servers developer their food and beverages. This allows guest to control their time, whether they are in a hurry or in the mood to leisurely hang out in a fun, social environment.