Spotlight On...

Ann Todora,

Founder of Parkit Market

When did you open Parkit Market:
My husband Frank and I opened Parkit Market in 1962 and we are now celebrating our 53rd year in business. My five sons -- Tony, Pete, Michael, Steve and Johnny -- and my daughter, Gina, continue to operate the business today. I serve on the board of directors and also contribute by preparing homemade deli items like our meatloaf, egg salad, barbeque and much more.
How has Greenville Avenue changed since you have been in business:
When we opened in 1962, there was no red light at the corner of Greenville and University. At the time, E. University Blvd was a dirt road, the Energy Square property was a tree farm, and there was no Village Apartments or Old Town shopping center. We felt like pioneers, but we knew this property had great potential.
A favorite place to have breakfast in the UCPID and what you typically order:
I usually eat one of our breakfast sandwiches at Parkit Market, but we sometimes stop in at Starbucks for a cup of coffee and a cheese roll.
How do you think the UCPID will change in the next few years:
It's been wonderful watching this area change over the past 50-plus years, and I think UPCID will create a tremendous advantage. When we work together, we can increase security, keep the streets clean, and promote the Greenville Avenue in a positive manner.
Your favorite television show:
Law and Order, Everybody Loves Raymond, or any western TV show or movie.