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  Contact: Holt Veterinary Clinic at

Contact: Holt Veterinary Clinic at

Tell us a little about Holt Veterinary Clinic
Holt Veterinary Clinic is a full-service clinic that has called University Crossing home since 1946. While recently renovated, the clinic pays homage to the history of the neighborhood with a pictorial timeline of milestone events for the neighborhood and the clinic. Today, Geoff Bratton, DVM, owns the clinic and runs the practice with four other veterinarians.

What should we know about Dr. Bratton?
Dr. Bratton is a part of the clinic's history as well. As a high school student at Highland Park High School, Dr. Bratton worked at the clinic and was inspired to pursue veterinary medicine as a career. He feels the clinic is a piece of his family and works hard to maintain the family feel for every pet and pet owner who comes through the door.

What are some quick facts about the clinic?
Holt Veterinary Clinic's five doctors serve more than 24,000 pet patients every year
Holt treats pets from the M Streets, Park Cities, Lake Highlands and more
Services the clinic provides include: boarding, pet dentistry, pet vaccinations, grooming, pharmacy services, pet surgery and more
The staff has a tenure of 7-10 years or more
Many clients have been with the clinic for several generations

When not working, where can we find the doctors of Holt Veterinary Clinic?
You will most likely find the doctors at University Crossing's Union Coffee.
What makes Holt Veterinary Clinic special?
Holt Vet is committed to providing old-fashioned service with cutting-edge medicine for your pets -- they've been doing it for more than 60 years. If you are interested in learning more about Holt Veterinary Clinic or the doctors and staff, we encourage you to visit the website at