UC Member Update: Greenville Parade Info

Dear Neighbor,

The Greenville Avenue Area Business Association (G.A.A.B.A.) is proud to present the 36th Annual Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival on Greenville Avenue, which will be hosted on Saturday, March 14, 2015. We are equally proud and excited to announce our Presenting Sponsor, the Dallas Mavericks, and marketing partner, Cyber Dust (a Mark Cuban Company). We are also excited to announce the addition of key sponsors such as FIAT of Dallas, Monster Energy, Emergency Ice, Snuffers Hamburgers, DART, Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Dallas Morning News, and Ben E. Keith Distributors. Please help us by showcasing their products or services whenever possible, within your business or out in the community.

As you might have noticed or heard in the news, yes, we are the new Dallas St. Patrick’s Parade & Festival, and although our vision for the parade has expanded, the location has and will not change. We truly have become the largest annual parade in North Texas and the largest St. Patrick’s parade in the Southwest.

We are excited to announce our continued partnership with the Meadows Building (Sunwest Real Estate Group) for our second annual Family Zone, sponsored by the Family Place of Dallas. Again, we have secured prime bleacher seating along the parade route for one thousand lucky parade attendees ($20/seat available for purchase at www.dallasstpatricksparade.com). We are also excited to announce the addition of our first annual Dallas St. Patrick’s Parade “BREW FEST” sponsored by Ben E. Keith Distributors, which will be located at the Office Depot parking lot. The Mavericks will host their “Mavs Corner” by the CVS Pharmacy and we are also hosting VIP Tailgate Sections for a nominal fee. We would like to thank Westwood Financial Corp (WFC) for their valued partnership.

The Parade is good for all of us: the City of Dallas benefits by the thousands of visitors and valuable tax revenue that the Parade brings to the city. And for the sixth year, G.A.A.B.A. is proud to continue its DISD Scholarship Fund for deserving graduating high school seniors in our immediate area.

Key Parade elements and timelines are listed below:

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Southbound Greenville Ave. from Blackwell to Yale Blvd. will be closed at 9:00 a.m. Northbound Greenville Ave. from Yale Blvd. to Blackwell will be closed at 10:00 a.m.

Cross streets that will remain open (under police traffic control) are Caruth Haven, Southwestern, and University Blvd.

G.A.A.B.A. will again be hiring Moore Disposal, Inc. to provide the street clean-up this year. Prior to the parade, the clean-up crew will do a run-through to collect all trash accumulated. Cardboard bins will be placed throughout the parade route. During the parade, crews will be moving along the route, collecting trash and disposing of it in the dumpsters. Immediately following the parade, the street sweeper and crews will clean all of the remaining street trash. 

G.A.A.B.A. is again partnering with recycling companies to promote a “Go Green” atmosphere. The Dallas Sierra Club (www.texas.sierraclub.org/Dallas/) will also be providing volunteers and recycling bins to clean up along the parade route.

G.A.A.B.A. will be placing port-a-lets along the parade route. Having these port-a-lets on your property will help minimize unwanted restroom traffic before, during and after the parade. If you would like to order additional port-a-lets, please contact: Gloria Salas with Moore Disposal at 214.357.4357 ext 417.

All merchants/property owners are responsible for clean-up in their parking lots and on their property.

Below is a list of our preferred vendors for any assistance in your parade planning:


Benny Cavazos (Area Sales Manager) Cell: 214-869-0562 bennycavazos@benekeith.com


Stephanie Wright
Grapevine Golf Cars
Office: 817-251-8032 Stephanie@grapevinegolfcars.com

BARRICADES (Fencing, etc.):

Jeremy J. Glenn
Senior Sales Account Manager
Cell: 972-877-4653 jeremy.glenn@unitedsiteservices.com

Will Finch
Ops Manager
Cell: (817) 822-8362 Willliam.finch@unitedsiteservices.com

Dave Annis
Fence Manager
Cell: (817) 822-6398 David.annis@unitedsiteservices.com


Francisco: 972-363-3001 Franciscor@thmtx.com


Gloria Salas
Sales Coordinator


Moore Disposal
Cell: (214) 980-3756
EXHIBITOR RENTALS: David or Jill Husband (817) 343-5353


For all your “Emergency Ice” needs, and only minutes away, call the Dallas St. Patrick’s Parade official ice provider, Emergency Ice.
Earl Toler
Emergency Ice, Inc.




John Betty john@friscoia.com
Frisco Insurance Agency, Inc 9555 Lebanon Rd, Ste 201 Frisco, TX 75035 214-619-1700


Versa Print:



According to the City of Dallas Office of Special Events, the following clean-up schedule will be in place for Saturday, March 14, 2015:

10:00 AM 4:00 PM - G.A.A.B.A. responsible for cleaning of parade route (sidewalk to sidewalk)

10:00 AM 4:00 PM - Merchant parking lot “cleaning check”

4:00 PM - G.A.A.B.A. completes parade clean-up, provided event begins on time and there are no issues during event

4:00 PM - Merchants continue responsibility of cleaning their parking lots

Note: Merchants are responsible for maintaining trash clean-up in their parking lots and around their property line. The City of Dallas Code Compliance team will be performing random inspections every hour. If trash is not being maintained, the merchant will be written a citation. Trash bins removed from the event site onto private property will become the responsibility of the merchant to maintain. The Code Compliance City Ordinance states:


An owner, occupant, or person in control of private premises commits an offense if he places, deposits, or throws; permits to accumulate; or permits or causes to be placed, deposited, or 

thrown, any litter on the premises or in or on any gutter or parkway adjacent to the premises or on one-half of that portion of an alley adjacent to the premises, unless the litter has been deposited in an authorized private receptacle for collection. (Ord. Nos. 10371; 13804; 20599).

Working with the city and our new sponsors will allow us to continue to make this an even better parade now and in the future. And working together as a community will further ensure a successful event. Not only do Greenville Avenue and the surrounding area depend on the success of this event, but also thousands of North Texans make plans every year to celebrate with us. Let’s keep the tradition going.

Sincerely Yours,

Kevin Vela G.A.A.B.A. President